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*Warning! Shameless-self-promotion alert!*

I started this post and called it "The Collections" and was all settled on what to say, when a meteorite known as publicity came and whacked me... In a good way. Apparently our local colossus paper The Chronicle spawned a litter of baby-papers (tabloids) and my local published this article about my paint-slinging ways and zee upcoming show... Click HERE to check it out.

So through tears of publicity-happiness that fall on my keyboard... back to the original subject matter of full collections. And here's the thing. Two books, I Promise I'll Find You and Pussycats Everywhere, I'd like to keep intact as whole collections. I don't know... breaking up the set would be kinda like the six dwarfs, or getting eleven eggs, or having the Wednesday panties missing from the day-of-the-week knickers. It would be like the Beav without Wally, PB without J, Vegas without gambling or soul-sucking superficiality... but I digress.

*speaking in disgustingly annoying valley-girlishness*

Like OMG!!! The bestest thing ever! ever! ever! would be keeping all the art together!
It's true... A rerun of what was done with the Love You Forever art which was sold as a full collection would be amazing; actually two full collections. There was the entire set of finished color illustrations purchased by the Buhler family of Winnipeg (well known for their philanthropy and also farm machinery... go figure... seriously click HERE to see what they make) and the grouping of preliminary drawings sold on reality show Four Rooms to Scott Landon. (Check out his interview HERE... he's such an awesome guy!) It would be great if the art was purchased intact and donated to a hospital or to grace someone's office. So, if anyone out there happens to know of a good resting place for these collections, please contact me at

Hmmm...  Howwweverrr...Since I wrote that paragraph last week I've decided to price the Pussycats Everywhere art pieces individually. Why, oh why, you ask? Simple, I answer... Why hold out for a utopian ideal (or deal) when these works can make their way to a lovely child's room, or a living room in the arms and sheltering embrace, the cozy lap of a parent, with a signed book of course, to be read each evening by a crackling fire as the sun sets gently on another day and the tyke is lulled into dreamland, a dreamland of fluffy kitties... Erm... So, back to the subject at hand. Why have these paintings languishing in my studio like some creepy crazy hoarder when they could be trundled off to a happy home? Indeed. So if I must break up the set, so I shall, without looking back! I guess I might try at times to be a tough cookie but I have been known to crumble. Below find some of the images of the Pussycats Everywhere art... But I'm still hoping Daddy Warbucks makes an appearance and keeps the set together.

Artichoke petals on slate. Currently on display at Archway gallery

In a side note... I had to put on my big-girl irony pants. Consider this: The last post was called "Throwing it at the wall to see what sticks" and yesterday on Archway Gallery's daily log for all to see was a notice that my painting of artichoke petals had gone ka-plooey and taken a nose dive off the wall. Evidently it wasn't sticking. And you ask... was it seismic activity, a hurricane perhaps, Houston traffic? No, no and no (although Houston traffic can be blamed for virtually any problem from stuffy noses to the downfall of society.) In any case it is back up and hopefully staying put through the Saturday evening dinner with chef Pedersen at the gallery since I'm included in the goings-on and expected to speak about my art. Wish me luck!

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