Monday, February 2, 2015


Pussycats Everywhere, written and illustrated
 by Sheila McGraw

Next Saturday, February 7th, 5 to 8 p.m. is the opening reception of my show at Archway Gallery called Love You Forever and Beyond... The Children's Book Art of Sheila McGraw.

Who knew? Planning an art show is a lot like a wedding: the invitations, save the date email blasts, the pro's and cons of "the space", the lighting, speeches, food, booze, maybe a cake, definitely a reception, hella lotta attention for the artist/bride/groom. Then when the big day arrives, it may be all sunshine, red stickers, and smiles, or you may get one massive schtupping like wedding-night meets the movie The Hangover with no buyers, in fact no attendees. You may be left bereft, crying into that cheese and bottles of wine you supplied... left at the "alter" (the crucible where your work was meant to withstand the fires of scrutiny), BUT you've been stood up for some other, more interesting event. BUT again, a crucial difference is that once the wedding is dust, no more than memories, photos on Facebook, and all kinds of trash to pick up, the art reception has the same leftover detritus and selfies on social networking sites, BUT the show continues on for a whole month... and you don't know until the end whether you grabbed a gold ring, or some kind of annulment of your talent and artistic credibility. But no(!) I will not boohoo going into the final stretch... Negatory on the negatives, I say!
*Super Bowl on-field victory dance*

It's party-time, meet and greet and photo-op big-time! It's a circus, a magic show, a Renaissance festival where men get skewred on horseback and meat and bones get thrown about! No, wait, not quite that... It will be a good party with art to look at, wine to drink, valet guys to trundle your wheels away, and Chef Soren's awesome appetizers. So come out to the opening, or if you can't...

Where the Lost Things go,
written by Barbara Farnsworth
illustrated by Sheila McGraw
My peachy pet, my possum, my treasure... if you can't hit the opening reception of my show, you'll have missed a dang great party. But hey, the show is on for a month, so come back again and see if your fave piece is still waiting for you... and come often.

Oh, and there's the books. Most of my books are in house at Archway. Those books can be ordered signed and dedicated ahead of the show if you're in need of some Love You Forever's but can't get yer butt to the show.

Love You Forever written by
Robert Munsch, illustrated by Sheila McGraw
Hope to see you at Archway Gallery during February!
But then, just as I'm signing off, out of the friggin blue comes this...
in the newsletter of the Children's Museum of Houston! Wheeee... awesomeness abounds.

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