Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Now it's gotta be put back together!
More on this later.

I thought the notice was an awesome example of redundancy, and apt, as this post on my blog is also kind of redundant since it's apologizing for not posting, and noting that I'm not going to be posting for a couple of weeks.

I haven't posted much over the last couple of months because I've been crazy busy with my super-successful show, *hops around doing happy dance*... the new kids' book I'm illustrating, renovation of a condo, and sending my novel The Knife Thrower's Wife out to publishers and agents... gotta get my Hundred Club membership and won't qualify till the 100 rejection slips are as high as an elephant's, erm... never mind.
*says prayer to the publishing Gods*...

Falling. A watercolor by Cookie Wells
Also to say that I'm in the process of slipping my blog over to WordPress which is unlike moving house which can be done in a day... ohhh noooo... this takes weeks. In any case, thank God for the young-uns who are unafraid of the computer. My talented son Graham Anthony and his computer magic will show me the WordPress way. And it'll be all shiny and new and gorgeously designed.

By the by... come on out for Cookie Wells and the Ballys' show at Archway Gallery.

A Marsha Harris watercolor
On a sad note, we at Archway mourn the passing of Marsha Harris who, trooper that she was, battled cancer, beat it and had a fabulous solo show at Archway only a few months ago. She will be profoundly missed.

Thanks for stopping by...
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