Monday, February 27, 2017


This guy actually tried to sell this to me as finished!
Love the rusty screws, the patching and lack thereof,
 the blue-ish cover, the crooked switches,
and of course the fingerprints. Dude, can you wash your hands?! 

Toward the end of the remodel, when it's down to the finishing, homeowners are impatient and want the job finished, and the trades get frustrated with fiddling or correcting minor details, and it's easy, even tempting, to let little things slide.

Don't. Even if there are flared tempers, the do-overs and the drama is worth it... Anytime I've held off on insisting something be put right, I've regretted it, and often, later, those fixes are difficult or even impossible.

The beauty of exposed plywood?
You let the granite guy leave, Mr. Contractor?
How in anyone's mind is this acceptable?
Now what...?


What the...? 
How hard would it be to remove that light shade? 
Oh, and nice tape job on the thermostat!
I'm sure you won't get paint on it now, right?

This guy found the shiny new faucet and installed it in the freshly refinished tub,
but for some reason replaced the old drain and shower lever even though the new ones were in the same box as the faucet. Close-ups below for perusal.


Contrary to the belief of many tile setters, grout is not waterproof. Grout in wet areas
and between tile and granite tends to crumble. What's needed here is a narrow bead of caulking.
When all the hardware in the house looks like this...

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Hope this helps your renovations go smooooothly...

Why are the hinges this 80s "gold"
with white-paint accents?