Friday, May 1, 2020


Adding Color 

The journey from this...

To this.

The story-boarding is done, necessary text changes have been made and all has been approved!

Now comes the color.

Mr. publisher says he doesn't want I Love You too, I Love You Three confused with any previous books.

Got the blues? To  diffuse the 
the sentimentality of the Love You Forever
story, I made use of a cool blue palette.

I took his wish seriously and decided to separate the two with a different color palette.

When I illustrated Love You Forever I was mindful that the sentiment of the story could be overwhelming if I used candy colors with a lot of pink; therefore, I used a cool palette of mainly blues. 

For  I Love You too, I Love You Three I decided to go with pinks, purples, and oranges applied with a lighter touch than Love You Forever.

My next debate was which medium to use: watercolor and Prismacolor pencil, thinned oils as washes, pastel, or marker with pencil or pen and ink.

Prismacolor pencils:
Texas Art Supply.

With the deadline looming, I opted for a combination of pastel,    marker  and Prismacolor pencil. Laying down washes of color and adding detail with pencil achieved the soft and sweet, gentle effect I was aiming for.

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